Folded Leaflets

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The folded leaflet has a hundred and one uses and almost the same number of fold permutations - in fact probably more! At Just-Printing we like to keep things calm and simple; you have all the common folded leaflet sizes to choose from, two materials with three different quality levels. Make your selection, drop it in the cart and Bob's your uncle.
  1. 4 Page A7 Folded Leaflets

    Folded 4 Page A7 Leaflet

    A folded four page A7 leaflet is simply an A6 leaflet folded in half. So why bother with the folding? As the smallest folded leaflet in the family an A7 leaflet is the ideal size to use at fairs, concerts, boot fairs and festivals because due to their tiny nature they can easily be scooped up and pocketed. A tiny mine of information waiting to be dug!

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  2. 4 Page A6 Folded Leaflets

    Folded 4 page A6 Leaflet

    This particular size/style of leaflet can be folded either portrait, like a greeting card, or landscape, like a tent card which makes it a superb multi-functional product. Our folded leaflets are printed digitally or litho, dependent upon quantity, to ensure the optimum product prices.

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  3. 4 Page A5 Folded Leaflets

    Folded 4 page A5 Leaflet

    Long ago the 4 page A5 folded leaflet was a sheet of A4 waiting to be transformed. After centuries of experimenting the resulting leaflet is functional, efficient and a mastery of technology (cut us some slack here - it is a piece of A4 folded in half, not easy to sex up).

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  4. 4 Page A4 Folded Leaflets

    Folded 4 page A4 Leaflet

    Take a big A3 sheet, fold it in half and hey presto, you have just made a very useful four page A4 printed leaflet! If you then go ahead and have this printed on our Premium 150gsm Silk Paper it manifests itself in to an ideal brochure, with plenty of space for key content and the all important images that are going to sell your product or services.

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  5. 6 Page DL Folded Leaflets

    Folded 6 page DL Leaflet

    Your 6 page DL Leaflet can be folded as a zig-zag or with the pages rolled in to the centre from left and right. Either way the price is the same and the result is a truly multipurpose leaflet, and with a choice of two different paper finishes and three weights in each we are bound to have the folded leaflet you need.

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  6. 6 Page A5 Folded Leaflets

    Folded 6 page A5 Leaflet

    Using secret and complex folding techniques handed down through the generations, a piece of A3 paper is carefully trimmed and folded to create an A5 leaflet with 6 pages. Magic!

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  7. 4 Page A5 Landscape Folded Leaflets

    Folded 4 page A5 Leaflet (Landscape)

    A little bit different to the usual folded leaflets an A5 landscape does have the benefit of standing out in the crowd - all the better to impress your customers with! The finished size is 210mm wide x 148mm deep.

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  8. 8 Page DL Folded Leaflets

    Folded 8 page DL Leaflet

    This type of leaflet can be folded as a concertina (zig-zag) fold, or all rolled in on itself. Feel free to ask us for advice about setting up your artwork correctly, that's what we are here for!

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Folded Leaflet Design

At Just-Printing we have our own design studio ready and waiting to help with your leaflet design project. Our unique online Artwork Service Level menu available on every product page gives you full control over your order – opt for a full design package for £60 or a range of studio related services to give you peace of mind. All of our prices are shown immediately on the page so there are no hidden costs added on later!

Folded Leaflet Information

Useful Information

PP means printed pages, so a piece of paper folded in half makes 4 pages of print, or folded in to thirds makes 6 pages (3 on each side) etc. 

Easy Leaflet Price Table

Easy Ordering

We take any confusion out of ordering your leaflets by categorising them by size. Once you have selected the size you want you can immediately see and compare the cost of our leaflets by quantity and the material quality (weight) in our handy pricing table. Select a few options from our ‘Build your Order’ menu and the prices in the table will change to reflect your choices – brilliant!