ISO 19001 Certification - for Quality Assurance

A Local Printer Ltd, trading as Just-Printing, is certified with ISO9001:2000 and has been since 2007.

Delivering quality as a manufacturer should be a given, but it is suprising how many print companies do not have a quality certification. On the face of it you might think that this is not a big deal - until your job is late, your proofs go missing, the product is incorrect or there is no-one to talk to about your issues. Our being certified with ISO 90001 is your peace of mind. It ensures that we have policies and prodedures in place for the effective production of your printing from start to finish.  And all of these procedures are fully audited every year by a UKAS certified auditer - who themselves are audited by UKAS!


ISO 14001 Certification - for the Environment

In our opinion this is quite possibly the most important certification that a printing company should have.

Under our home banner of A Local Printer we have been an eco-friendly printer since 2007, and were amongst the first printing companies to embrace this wholeheartedly. Being eco-friendly is as much as our personal ethos as it is our business ethos and bringing eco-friendly printed products to a wider market was our first and foremost aim.

Being an eco-friendly printer is not really visible in the products themselves (other than the paper) but in the hidden areas of chemicals, inks, energy and waste. Controlling these efficiently in terms of reduce and recycle, and only using environmentally friendly products for our manufacturing, places us squarely as a leading eco printer in the UK.

Our Key Eco Credentials

  • All of our ink is vegetable oil based
  • Our digital toners are low environmental impact
  • 99% of our waste is recycled
  • Our presses are alcohol free and waterless

For eco-friendly printed products you need look no further.