Digital Print and the Environment

Why Digital Print is an eco friendly option

Living and working in a way that minimises our impact on the environment should be an issue that concerns all of us. 

At Just-Printing we take our commitment to the environment very seriously and ensure all of our digital print products benefit from eco-friendly printing. We are certified with ISO 14001 (the de facto environmental certificate) and promote the use of materials from managed and sustainable sources.

An area of consideration regarding digital printers is the eco-credentials of the toners or inks, especially when compared to the vegetable oil-based inks used on our conventional litho printing press base.  This is why we opted for Xerox digital print using a new generation of toner - essentially achieving 60-70% less energy per printed sheet and 40-50% less toner required.  Combined with our eco paper and board range this ensures that our digital printed flyers and leaflets are environmentally-friendly from start to finish.

As specialist digital printers ordering from Just-Printing ticks all the boxes - quality product, keen pricing, great service and green to boot! You know it makes sense. And now you can add our unique Eco-logo to your printed items as a mark of the eco credentials of the product. Just add it to your order using the Additional Instructions box.

Eco Logos