Why Flyer Printing Still Matters to Your Business

Monday, 29 September 2014 18:17:22 Europe/London

DL flyers printed digitallyThere’s a lot of talk about going paperless, and it’s also widely accepted that word of mouth is the best promotion for any business. But word of mouth is far more powerful when backed up with say A6 flyers, so ideally both will go hand in hand.

People still appreciate having something tangible, are still impressed by quality design, and of course flyer printing means potential customers have all your business’s contact details to hand.

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Use the Power of Flyer Printing to boost your business

Monday, 29 September 2014 17:58:39 Europe/London

Flyers montage

With the right design and printing, few marketing tools are more powerful than A4 and A5 flyer printing, especially if you are a local business. Popular, and cost-effective, flyers don’t need any government permission before distribution, and there are multiple ways of getting A4 flyers or A5 flyers to prospective customers. Choose from mailshots, handouts, leaving them at carefully chosen pick up points or delivering directly through letterboxes.

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Being Poked by clever printed flyers

Friday, 11 April 2014 13:16:08 Europe/London

A6 Flyer PrintingBright, brash and bold.  You can't help but notice this A6 flyer that is full of zing and vibrancy.  Digital printing can manage 20% more colour range than traditional litho printing - which is a great excuse for creating your design with some extra punch.  It is a proven fact that colour sells and is retained longer in the memory. If you are using lots of colour don't loose your message in the design but ensure taht it is kept simple.  The hard work will all be done by the colour and your customers will remember your flyer longer.

This A6 flyer was digitally printed on our 300gsm standard silk art. 

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Printed Flyers: When Less is More

Saturday, 22 March 2014 12:24:10 Europe/London

Printed Flyers on recycled boardSometimes a printed flyer benefits by saying less to achieve more. With a single, uncomplicated image these printed flyers have actually said quite a lot; organic, eco, rustic, marketplace, traditional, healthy, homemade. Designed to advertise a farmers market this one image manages to convey all the values that appeals to the visitors without using any text! Our printed flyers can be produced on silk art or uncoated material, and normally I would expect a flyer with an eco theme to opt for uncoated board to better promote the organic message.  This printed flyer however is on silk art and I am happy to say that it is absolutely the right choice! A realtively simple, muted image on uncoated board could have been to flat and uninspiring whereas on silk it is appealing whilst keeping on message.

At Just-Printing you can select from coated silk or uncoated matt for your printed flyers to get the best look for your artwork and promotion.

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