Poster PrintingAs poster printers we know that a poster is a simple and affordable way to communicate and get your point across effectively.
However, it’s essential that your poster artwork has the desired effect – as professional poster printers, we know a thing or two about maximising visual impact. Sticking to the key principles of design – making artwork that is appealing and effective – will ensure that your poster gains maximum attention for all the right reasons.

Get your poster design spot-on
Being reliable poster printers, we see a whole host of artwork before we transform it into the final printed product. And whilst there’s a lot of variation in the types of design we see, there is some which is, technically-speaking, superior in design.
You can depend on us, your friendly poster printers, to explain how to ensure that your designs work successfully for you.

Poster printers explain the basics of design
Poster design needn’t be complicated; in fact, we see the same set of basic design elements time and time again – these include titles or headings, copy, captions, images, logos and backgrounds.
Besides these key elements, the following points should form a checklist to run through, before sending your artwork to your chosen poster printers.

Is your artwork simple enough?
The temptation, when designing a poster, is to cram in as much detail as possible. However, as seasoned poster printers we advocate a ‘less is more’ approach – this means that your key information stands out and is easily seen and understood by passers-by.

We also recommend using bold and simple typography and images which aren’t too intricate as, again, this enables posters to be viewed more easily by people – even from a distance.

Poster PrintingHave you included a strong visual?
A well-chosen, eye-catching image will draw attention for all the right reasons; it also helps to communicate the theme of your poster on an almost subliminal level.

Does your poster communicate?
As poster printers we know that there are many reasons for creating posters – for example, to advertise an event – but if the purpose of the poster is not clear then it hasn’t served its purpose. Including a recognisable ‘call to action’ is essential in order to promote your offer, event or service.

So, does your artwork tick all the boxes?
We hope our friendly advice, as experienced poster printers, has been of assistance in creating great designs in the future!
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