Poster PrintingPosters have long been recognised as an effective communication tool, so strong design and good quality poster printing can reach a wide audience quickly and efficiently.

There are many elements which make a memorable poster, from layout, text, typeface and colour to the images used. Appeal and clarity are two key considerations for poster printing and as we know, a picture paints a thousand words so it’s especially important to get your image right.

At Just-Printing our highly skilled team are on hand to advise and ensure that your poster printing gives you an attention-grabbing result; one important tip to remember is that the artwork must be created to size. We can reduce its size, but we can’t make it bigger.
The content of that all-important image needs careful consideration alongside whether or not filters should be used to really make the image stand out in your poster printing.

Filtering an image can add colours or special effects for your poster printing to really make it pop. Some photographers use post-production programmes, such as Photoshop, to manipulate the image; the advantages of using a filter on your camera are that the alterations to the image can be seen immediately. Here are some of the most commonly used camera filters and what they can do for your poster printing image.

• A UV (Ultra Violet) filter will block ultra-violet light and this will reduce the hazy effect that can be seen on a photo taken in daylight
• A polarising filter can darken skies which are too bright, creating contrast between the sky and the clouds. This filter will also reduce the glare from water and other reflective surfaces such as glass
• A Neutral Density (or ND filter) is perfect for those occasions when there is a lot of contrast between the highlighted and shadowed areas of an image

poster printingAn image can be sharpened to really stand out on your poster printing by reducing any hazy effects and creating contrast. There are occasions though when a much softer effect is required (and can be just as effective on your poster printing). For this purpose a soft focus filter is a useful tool.

A soft focus filter can subtly alter the mood of your poster printing image by reducing sharpness, though in a way that will hardly be noticed. These filters are especially useful for images of people’s faces and also can be used for landscapes, buildings and many other kinds of image for your poster printing.

‘Keep it simple’ is a good rule of thumb for your poster printing. You have only moments to capture the attention of your target audience, so make your poster printing image really count!

From poster printing to flyers and leaflets.
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