Poster Printing ServicesThere is no getting away from it – if you walk past a bold poster you will automatically look at it; your eye will initially be drawn to the colour and then the text. For any event or promotion you should consider poster printing to maximise your audience reach.

Engaging a designer to help you with your poster artwork is always going to be a good idea. However, designing your own poster does not have to be overly complicated – follow a few rules and your poster printing will be as good as the professionals!

If you are creating a series of posters try to keep a common theme or focus amongst them. This might be a particular background colour, a series of associated pictures or a promotional strap line.

All poster design needs to follow certain rules:-

  • Don’t use irritating or contradictory fonts. A serous poster looses all credibility if you use comic sans as your font. 
  • Ensure the text is legible – people need to be able to read your poster from a distance without squinting. There is nothing more annoying that seeing a stand-out poster and not being able to read what it is about!
  • Make sure anything you include on your poster is factually correct – believe me you will know very soon if this is not the case!
  • Balance your composition – it needs to be easy on the eye from a distance and also close up. Spend some time trying different compositions and run your designs past some colleagues for impartial input on what works best for them.
Poster Printing

At the end of the day poster printing will go a long way to boost your marketing, profile and visibility. At Just-Printing we have designers on hand in our studio to help with a design tweak or offer a full design service. Our posters are printed using eco toners and inks on sustainably sourced materials. Contact us at Just-Printing for a full range of poster printing services