Flyer Printing for ChristmasFlyers, leaflets, postcards and posters are an inexpensive but effective marketing tool which many companies rely on to promote their services and products all year round, and especially in the lead up to Christmas.

Christmas is peak sales time for retailers and many other businesses, therefore coordinating printed flyers or leaflets well in advance of the festive season is something that needs to happen sooner, rather than later in order to pip your competitors to the post!

From restaurants and bars to shops and a diverse range of service providers, Christmas time is a fantastic opportunity to promote your business and appeal to a broader audience of people – especially those who are seeking gifts, entertainment venues or special services at this time of the year.
Follow our tips to planning your Christmas marketing activity, by creating effective printed flyers, leaflets or postcards, to ensure that your business benefits from maximum exposure this Christmas.

1. Be organised and strategic
Begin planning your Christmas marketing activity as soon as possible – the sooner you start promoting your seasonal offers, via printed flyers, leaflets or postcards, the more likely it is that your business will be chosen over your competitors’. When it comes to this special occasion the majority of people like to be organised to avoid the pre-Christmas rush – buying presents and booking restaurants or party venues in advance – therefore a well-thought out campaign and timeline of printed flyers or posters will place your business in the minds of customers and keep it there.

Flyer printing from just-printing2. Make a timeline for distributing your printed flyers
Both high street and online businesses should plan their marketing campaign and activity carefully to coincide with lead times and key delivery dates – online businesses, in particular, should also be mindful of ‘Cyber Monday’ (usually the first Monday in December). At the planning stage it is also vital to consider your business’ post-Christmas activity because seasonal sales provide big business opportunities.

3. Keep your printed flyers fresh and creative
Devising a unique, yet coherent, series of printed flyers or postcards means that your target audience will recognise but won’t tire of your product or service marketing – after all, they will be bombarded with advertising at this time of the year so yours will need to stand out.

4. Include an appealing incentive with your printed flyers or postcards
Bear in mind that Christmas is an expensive time of the year; when designing your printed flyers or leaflets the inclusion of a seasonal offer or discount is likely to give you the edge over your competitors. Dependent on your business, you might opt to offer a 10% discount or free delivery.

5. Build recognition
If your Christmas marketing campaign centres around the distribution of printed flyers or postcards in your local area then it is wise to carry your branding through to other printed items, for example by incorporating a printed poster which will further build on the recognition of your business.

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They say that Christmas gets earlier every year but, for the majority of businesses, the run up to Christmas is an incredibly important and profitable time of the year and it’s never too early to start planning your seasonal activity. To discuss our range of printed flyers, leaflets, posters or postcards, or for advice on your specific requirements, please call us on 01903 742003 or click here