Printed Flyers on recycled boardSometimes a printed flyer benefits by saying less to achieve more. With a single, uncomplicated image these printed flyers have actually said quite a lot; organic, eco, rustic, marketplace, traditional, healthy, homemade. Designed to advertise a farmers market this one image manages to convey all the values that appeals to the visitors without using any text! Our printed flyers can be produced on silk art or uncoated material, and normally I would expect a flyer with an eco theme to opt for uncoated board to better promote the organic message.  This printed flyer however is on silk art and I am happy to say that it is absolutely the right choice! A realtively simple, muted image on uncoated board could have been to flat and uninspiring whereas on silk it is appealing whilst keeping on message.

At Just-Printing you can select from coated silk or uncoated matt for your printed flyers to get the best look for your artwork and promotion.