Recycled Printed Flyers from Just-PrintingOver a certain volume it is more practical and cost effective to produce printed flyers using litho printing.  This essentially means using wet ink as opposed to dry toners. Printed flyers that have been made with Silk Art will look almost identical to their digital counterpart.  But this is most certainly not the case when printing on recycled board. Digital toners sit on the surface of the material are fused on with heat - the result is print with true, strong colours. But when you print with wet litho ink it sinks in to the 'open' uncoated surface of the board and results in more muted shades and flatter tones. This is even more noticeable if there is a lot of black within the artwork. However, litho printing on uncoated boards produces some stunning results and delivers a beautiful organic look and feel to the product - which is something that many of our customers love. This printed flyer has been printed litho and the result is a product that has a look and feel entirely in keeping with the artwork.  

Any Just-Printing leaflet print or printed flyers over 1000 are printed on our litho presses using vegetable oil based eco friendly inks.