Promotional Leaflet PrintingAs leaflet printers we know a thing or two about creating and printing inexpensive flyers, leaflets and posters to promote boutiques, farm shops and smaller independent stores.

With Christmas and the New Year on the horizon, this is probably the busiest time of the year for the majority of retailers. Using the services of inexpensive leaflet printers means that business owners can promote their offers, services and deals to target an even wider audience. Leaflets are easily distributed and have the potential to be far-reaching – making them a very effective way to capture the attention of prospective customers and posters can be displayed in shop windows or on community noticeboards to gain attention from passing potential customers.

Leaflet printers provide advice for independent fashion shops
With so much competition from big high street and online retailers, being a smaller independent fashion retailer can be somewhat challenging. Adding a uniquely special element – especially something that the bigger high street or online retailers cannot offer their customers – shows that you’re going the extra mile, develops interest and builds your reputation in the local area. Using leaflet printers to create flyers to advertise special events, such as a ‘ladies night’ late night shopping party or a charity fundraiser fun day, or the services of an in-store personal style advisor will appeal to local shoppers and tempt them to visit the store.

Gift boutiques or independent food and drink retailers
Using the services of poster and leaflet printers can help to promote special discounts and offers to local residents. Inexpensive leaflets can be mailed out or inserted in local newspapers and eye-catching posters can further enhance your campaign. Alternatively, take a cue from the larger retailers by creating simple printed postcards to encourage customer loyalty, e.g. for every spend over £5 the customer receives a stamp on their loyalty card and for every 10 stamps collected the customer receives a freebie or discount as an enticement to stay loyal to your outlet.

Farm shops: use leaflet printers to promote your products and services
Leaflet Printing from Just-PrintingFarm shops can sometimes face the challenge of building and sustaining customer footfall, as they tend to be situated in locations which are ‘off the beaten track’ as opposed to the high street. The key is to encourage people to visit the farm shop by using leaflet printers to create promotional literature which shows all the benefits: from fresh local produce and tasting events to a plant nursery, café, kids play area or pick-your-own fruit and vegetable facility (if the business offers any of those). Further incentives could include a promotional voucher for 10% off the first purchase, entry to a prize draw or a free jar of jam for everyone who spends over £10, for example.

Choose low cost leaflet printers, Just-Printing, for all your promotional needs
At Just-Printing we’re dedicated poster, flyer, postcard and folded leaflet printers – we provide a range of inexpensive full colour print solutions to suit all budgets and don’t compromise on quality. As express leaflet printers, many of our products can be dispatched in as little as 48 hours.

As online leaflet printers, our customers can upload their designs to Just-Printing’s easy order service – our website is designed to make printing projects as simple as possible.
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