Charity Flyer printing from Just-PrintingCharities are constantly seeking to raise awareness, promote their fundraising activities and appeal for volunteers in a cost-effective way and cheap flyers are the perfect solution.

Charity organisations of every size continue to feel the squeeze financially, especially as hard-pressed consumers have less cash available to contribute to good causes. Lack of disposable income is the main reason given for reducing charitable contributions — or even cutting them out entirely.

Fundraising efforts must work harder than ever as finding new ways of publicising a charity and its fundraising events while watching expenses can be a real challenge. Cheap flyers are ideal for getting the message out there in an economical way.

At Just-Printing we have a wealth of experience in producing high-quality, yet cheap flyers and with prices starting at just £18.00 our online ordering service makes the entire process painless. Flyers may be printed in silk or matt finishes in Premium, Standard or Budget quality, so there’s plenty of choice available, depending on your budget.

Charity Poster Printing from Just-PrintingWhen thinking about cheap flyers for your charity it pays to consider the important role your flyer will take in raising awareness and a few simple rules will help to guide your choices.

• Size: A5 is the traditional size for cheap flyers; it’s neither too big, nor too small — it’s just right for those handing it out and for those who take it. (This size also works well for door-to-door distribution).

• Content: A great flyer will capture the readers’ attention, state its message clearly and have a call to action, either publicising your charity itself or its fundraising event. Don’t make your cheap flyers so crowded that they’re difficult to read. Research shows that a person will spend around 8 seconds (maybe even less) in deciding whether to take your message on board, or put your flyer in the nearest bin.

• Try out the ‘8-second-or-less test’ on colleagues, family or friends. If they’re not absorbing your message it’s time to go back to the drawing board and redesign your cheap flyers. Make it easy for everyone who receives your flyers to understand your message and spread the word about your charity and its fundraising efforts!

Using cheap flyers as part of your charity fundraising strategy gives cost-effective, quick and easy opportunities to reach out to existing supporters as well as raising awareness to gain new ones. Whether your cheap flyers are handed out at events, displayed on notice boards, popped through letter boxes or handed out on the high street, cheap flyers from Just-Printing will spread your message quickly and cheaply.

You can rely on Just-Printing to provide a high quality but inexpensive service - from cheap flyers to leaflets and postcards. Online ordering is quick and simple and we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround and free delivery.
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