Leaflet Printers in UKPrinted leaflets represent a terrific marketing opportunity: they are cost-effective, offer flexibility of distribution and can appeal to a wide demographic. As leaflet printers we produce a wide variety of leaflets for many different types of businesses, charities and events.

Design advice from experienced leaflet printers

One thing is common to everyone who uses the services of leaflets printers: there are definite design ‘don’ts’ which should never appear on your leaflets, whatever their purpose. Avoid them and ensure that your leaflets pack a powerful advertising punch.

Tap into the expertise of your leaflet printers to maximise your marketing campaign or publicise your event

At Just-Printing we have a wealth of experience to share and our team of leaflet printers offer their list of five things to avoid when designing your leaflets:

Leaflet Printers* Include a strong headline: leaflet printers and designers call the headline the ‘shelf shout’. This is one to watch out for, especially if your leaflet will be on a display stand. Your message needs to stand out, loud and clear, in the top third of the leaflet so that the eye of the reader is drawn to it and can see immediately what you have to offer

* Sidestep poorly chosen images: the image (and there may be more than one) needs to identify strongly with your offer and/or your brand. Choosing an irrelevant image or one of poor quality will undermine everything else in your leaflet’s message

* Shun too much colour: leaflet printers see many designs where the chosen colours, rather than creating impact, simply create confusion. It’s easy to get caught up in the ‘vibrant is best’ mindset, but remember that the purpose of your leaflet is to send a clear message (and a call to action) to your potential customers. The colour of the text is crucial for easy readability and this should also be considered carefully when choosing your background

* Avoid using too many fonts: a jumble of fonts will distract both the reader’s eye — and their attention — away from your offer. A maximum of two fonts is best and it’s worth investigating a font which can help to convey your brand’s message and augment your brand – if you’re unsure of what will look best in print then your friendly leaflet printers will be happy to advise

* Dodge errors and check, check and check again: your copy should be crisp, clear and free of errors. There’s no need to fill every available space with text; allowing ‘white space’ on your leaflets will make it easier for the reader to absorb the impact of your message.

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