Leaflet Printing from Just-PrintingCheap leaflet printing is ideal as an inexpensive marketing tool for businesses of every size. Whether your business is beauty or bricklaying, takeaways or tyres, you can create a leaflet to tell everyone about your business and the services that you offer. 

Cheap leaflet printing — an effective marketing tool
To get the best results (and maximum return on your investment) from your cheap leaflet printing you need to think about your target audience and where you will find them.

Before you get to the specifics of your design, colours and content, your cheap leaflet printing experience must be part of your marketing action plan and your understanding of how to reach your target audience is a key part of that plan.

Leaflet Printing for everyoneDistributing your cheap leaflet printing successfully is crucial and this is where it pays to really understand your target demographic. How old are they? Where do they live? Are they male or female? Where do they shop, visit or spend their leisure time? Once you have clear answers to these questions (and many more), you can analyse the best way to make cheap leaflet printing work for you.

Your cheap leaflet printing: handouts in the street, or post through the door?
Now that you’ve analysed your potential new customers, you’ll have a better idea of your approach with your cheap leaflet printing. The centre of town or shopping mall may well be the place to hand out your carefully thought out cheap leaflet printing, though do check with your local council if there are any rules regarding this.

Following cheap leaflet printing activity, leaflets are often distributed through letterboxes and your target audience will be in the comfort of their home to absorb your message.

The above two examples are fairly obvious distribution channels, so how about some different ideas to maximise the reach of your cheap leaflet printing?

• Think about businesses that you use and where you spend time waiting around: the garage for a tyre change or the leisure centre where the kids have a class. Ask if you can leave a supply of your cheap leaflet printing there.

• Ask your local newspaper, regional magazine or local newsletters if they would be willing to include your leaflets (there may be a charge for this). Parish newsletters, for example, may simply ask for a small donation which in turn helps with their costs

• Can you sponsor a local event (especially if it’s relevant to your target audience) and negotiate to hand out or have a stock of your cheap leaflet printing for attendees to take away?

From cheap leaflet printing to inexpensive postcards and business cards
Just-Printing provide a high quality but cheap leaflet printing service. Online ordering is simplicity itself and we are proud to offer fast turnaround and free delivery.

We also offer a number of other competitively priced services, including brochures, posters and postcards. To find out more about our cheap leaflet printing or other services, please call and speak to a friendly and experienced member of the Just-Printing team on 01903 742003 or Contact us.