meet the team at Just-Printing

Meet the Team bringing Just-Printing to you!

We may be a motley crew but together we get the jobs done!


Andy, Nick and Henry

These guys are responsible for checking your artwork and following up on the Artwork Service Level you select. Once your job is ready to be printed they put it through a box of magic tricks and it is sent directly to the presses for printing.

Hello Henry!


Andy, Ben, Chris, Tim, Stuart, Steve, Kamilla and Tracey

This is the team that makes it all happen and turns your artwork in to a real live, finished, printed product. Hurrah!  From making sure the paper is the correct weight and type, to printing it, trimming it, creasing it and boxing it - all the hard work is done here. We like to keep them busy so make sure you send in lots of orders to keep them out of mischief.

Bonjour Tim

Office Folk

Owen, Jeffo, John, Jane and Miranda

What do these people do anyway? There is telephone answering, post opening, biscuit eating, bespoke quoting, emailing, tea drinking, adding up and taking away, ordering stuff and organising things. That's all I know.

Hiya Jane!